Senior product designer with passion for products, marketing & growth.


Building the vision of ads optimisations and improving experiences for worldwide advertisers at Instagram / Meta


I shape the future of effective learning for 1M+ students at one of the biggest tutor marketplaces Preply.

For 5+ years, I have built B2C & B2B products & acquired customers through design.

Currently, I am

senior product designer at Instagram / Meta

Feb 2022 - Present
Previously, I was

senior product designer, growth at

May 2020 - Feb 2022
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Designing subscription experiments.

– Increased LTV and retention metrics by launching and testing different subscription models.

– Involved in design process from beginning to end, adapting insights from researches, analytics & collaboration into solutions that form successful experiments.
And content products.

– Increased number of new paying customers acquired by 400%.

– Together with the team executed 50+ A/B tests in 2020.

– Increased conversion rate on content pages by 300%.
Before, I was

product designer at /

Dec 2017 - May 2020
Focusing on S&B & Enterprise companies

– Improved B2B companies' efficiency, reduced costs and created a unified process by designing solutions across the web admin portal & iOS application in close collaboration inside the design team.

– Designed campaign ideation processes for online marketing, with focus on acquiring large, high lifetime value enterprises as customers. Our key customers: BMW, Siemens, Zurich Insurance & 500+ more enterprises.
& B2C products

– Increased the usability of productivity products. Readdle creates Spark, Documents, Scanner Pro & 4 other world-known productivity apps for 160+ million users.

- Designed and tested growth experiments, helping company to increase key business metrics.
Also launched as product designer.

– Soft-launched a product for recruiters and talents in the $5B tech recruiting market.

– Designed the flow that shortened the recruitment process, resulting in a 70% increase in job openings and 50% increase in talent interview scheduling.

- Focused on monetization and subscription business model.
In the beginning of my journey, I was a

product designer & front-end developer at startups

Apr 2014 - Dec 2017
-, which finds hidden growth opportunities on Instagram. Achieved to have 50+ European and USA companies in beta tests.
- Worked on a new look of the platform and enhanced the online presence of one of the leaders in Ukrainian music/design/video production in 2016-2017.
& others.

My Personal Projects:

Achieved +40M Views & +300K downloads of my 3D works. Became a part of top-500 contributors on
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Achieved over 2M views and 1.8K subscribers, contributed to Dribbble community.
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Achieved #1 Product of the Day on Product Hunt and 500+ sales. Designed, developed & promoted iPhone 3d mockups project for easily showcasing iOS products.
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Created a project with collection of custom-designed 3D app icons for iOS14 & projects. Achieved 600+ sales.
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my lectures & short films:


Perception of typography in web interfaces (RUS).


User thinking. How to work with it? (RUS)


Introduction of our media platform where creatives come together to create an unique products.

360 video

360 ​​video from my calligraffiti collaboration with beat maker and his ambient music set.


My calligraffiti art short film.

my education

bachelor of mathematics & computer science

Sep 2015 - Sep 2019
Odessa National University. Worked on problems and complex projects in different areas of differential equations, analytics and statistics. Collaborated and participated in different conferences and communities about computer science and math. Provided lectures in different areas, like design thinking and machine learning. Experimented with technologies from GPT-3 (OpenAI) to writing diploma about research of mathematical models of economy with chaos and bifurcation.
Math background gave me an ability to solve complex problems and look at them from different perspectives. Programming experience in Python, working with data and machine learning, helped me to understand how big data analytics can be applied for different problem areas.

Yep, a mathematician can be a designer 😄

Reforge Growth, Experimentation + Testing Deep Dive Programs

product management data-driven course

Completed course. Experienced real-world product management challenges and received practical skills of working with data, metrics and analytics systems. Studied all stages of work on products, starting with the idea, and continuing through the launch, the stages before and after finding value, scaling, marketing and product growth.

front-end course, advanced level

Studied aspects of high-quality code, adaptivity and accessibility issues, React framework and more. Participated in Front-End Meetups of my teacher: & gave lectures in this school for design classes.

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